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Your Views: Adding to jobless benefits is just more money to buy votes
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Here we go again. The Democrats want more unemployment benefits for those who are out of work (more money for votes). Democrats are scared because this year they may be voted out. They say they want to look out for those folks who are out of work.

However, they don’t want to cut spending. So, they say, let’s give more money to encourage those folks to not look for work, keep spending and borrowing more money so we can drag this country down the drain a little farther.

What about giving folks opportunity instead of throwing more money at them by taking from the haves and giving it to the have-nots? It is like the Democrats always talking about all they have done for black folks. I have talked to some of my black friends about this and they tell me they haven’t seen anything the Democrats have done for them.

It’s just another long string of lies told by the Democrats, especially the so-called president in the White House who, according to, has told 50 lies (I suspect more), and gone golfing 160-plus times — on average, every 11 days since he was elected by those who wanted change.

Well, you folks got your change; hope you are happy. Just because Republicans don’t go along with the lies and idiocy, they are insensitive and uncaring. Where did all these dimwits in Washington come from?

If this is voted down, just wait for the Democrats’ news conference to blame the Republicans for not caring for those who are out of work, which the Democrats have had a big hand in causing, and which they take no blame for, hoping for those who are uninformed to believe them. And watch for more lies from Obama.

Paul S. Barnes
Flowery Branch

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