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Your Views: A growing county like Hall needs to address litter issue
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Hall County needs to seriously address the severe litter problem on all our roadways and in our cities. Litter never gets picked up and continues to accumulate. What government agency would be responsible for Hall County going to the dogs? Why is prison labor not used consistently for this? Where are the police in enforcing the law? Where are the “No Littering” signs?

For a community that bills itself as progressive, we have a progressive trash and litter problem to go along with it. When the Hall County Chamber of Commerce escorts a potential business owner around, it should be an embarrassment with all the litter. Litter is everywhere and not confined to just a few out-of-the-way places.

It would take a serious effort to just make a dent in cleaning up Hall County, and to keep it clean will take a new public awareness and enforcement daily. For starters, try a Hall Sweep similar to Shore Sweep. Get the prison labor out working on it, and determine what government resources should be permanently assigned to this beautification effort.

I would like a response from someone in charge on this litter problem and why it has never been addressed.

Mike Coley

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