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Your Views: A better option wasnt available on election ballot
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The election is over and the people have spoken.

I was up early yesterday morning and exercised my right as a citizen to vote. I had made up my mind late the night before who I wanted as president and wanted to make my choice known very early. The basis of my choice goes back in history about three presidential elections ago, maybe more.

I have reached the conclusion that our election process is much like the old Ali-Foreman fights that were narrated by Howard Cosell. Two men in the ring hitting each other in the head while Howard, safe and sound on the sidelines, advanced his career. In the end, we watched as the loud and talented Mohammad Ali suffered brain damage to the point he was no longer a functioning person, while George Foreman went on to invent a grill to cook our food better.

After living through the election process involving two men named Bush and John Kerry, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, John McCain, now a man named Obama against a man named Romney, I wonder if we are better off for the process. And then there are the television stations who have narrated this set of prize fights. And, of course, the individuals who work for the television stations who have called the blow-by-blow of each round of each fight.

Are we and this nation better off for the process of selecting those to represent us? Each time, like today, I wonder how we are going to work together. In five minutes, I can list everything wrong with both candidates and why they are dishonest, self-serving, unresponsive and how they will ruin this country. In fact, I can give you that list for each candidate for many elections into the past.

In my example, the reader can figure out who each character represents, but I do want to talk about the brain damage inflicted. This nation is as close to brain dead as we can be. Exactly how do we put aside the attack ads and what they told us? Do we actually believe that the elected officials and political parties will now work together for our common good?

No matter who won or lost, we are worse off than before the election process started. I fear the United States has become the beloved fighter who we saw struggle to light an Olympic torch back in 1996. We all remember how great he was long ago and feel sorry for him today.

I had my plastic card in hand and inserted it in the slot when the choices appeared for the election of the president. Imagine my disappointment when the one I was about to choose did not appear on the screen. I caused quite a commotion when I asked in a loud voice, “Pardon me sir, why don’t we have a none of the above selection for the presidency?”

John Lees

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