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Widening Spout Springs Road seems a waste of tax money
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I have lived near and now on Spout Springs Road for six years. I remember when there was very busy morning and evening commuter traffic. With the lower employment and changing economy, this rationale and experience is no longer the same.

Commercial developments have continued, but at a slower pace than anticipated a few years ago. There are rare traffic delays, and the road speed is averaging 45 mph with the great selected widening of the road recently accomplished.

I cannot personally see the justification of creating this road into a four-lane road to get an additional 5 mph, cost millions of dollars to expand the road and buy up homes; and change this beautiful mixed purpose rural area into more commercial development in a depressed economy.

We have speedsters, ambulances and sirens in a primarily residential area now. What and who is profiting from this driving force? Those with speculative increased real estate values? With tight budgets how can Hall County and Georgia really afford this as a priority? Have you really polled Flowery Branch to find out if they want to totally change the ambiance of this beautiful community?

Those who profit push their pet projects.

Lyuri Hardishek
Flowery Branch