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Where is the outrage over what our beloved nation has become?
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Times are changing in our once great nation and in our world and not for the better, I fear. I come from a generation that remembers an America where people, generally speaking, took pride in our nation, our flag, our creator, and things like self-respect, integrity and a healthy perspective on moral behavior, both in private and publicly. It was a time when people could agree to disagree without fear of being labeled a “bigot” or a “racist pig” by others or by elected leaders in Washington.

Americans would never consider the legalizing of the outright murdering of millions of innocent babies in the “slaughterhouse” Planned Parenthood operation rooms. Not in the America I came from. Our nation today, sadly, has evolved into a technologically advanced, highly educated nation of savages. Not a morning goes by my wife and I don’t have our morning coffee while we hear one account after another of shootings, killing, robberies, assaults on innocent people, babies being found in dumpsters by parents who have no regard for their own children, anarchy and mayhem in the streets of our cities, child molesters, rapists and every kind of criminals roaming our streets freely.

Just last year, our clueless President Barack Obama pardoned over 30,000 drug dealers to walk free because, as he put it, “These were not violent crimes.” Hogwash!

Now on the news we’re seeing high-paid members of Planned Parenthood describing in detail their dissection and harvesting of body parts, for profit, of aborted fetuses, human babies. Meanwhile our government lets taxpayers pay out hundreds of millions of dollars to fund this system of legalized murder of innocent babies.

Where is the public outrage in America? Have we become so desensitized we are a nation with no regard for human life? No compassion?

In our public schools, we can teach sex ed, transgender lifestyles, just about any secular-humanist subject you could name, but God forbid, don’t even think about praying, reading Scripture or mentioning Jesus Christ. Don’t dare include the Ten Commandments or the golden rule into lesson plans. You will be quickly fired by educational leaders.

The heroes today are the loons and perverts in Hollywood, drugged-up rock stars and criminal rap stars. I fear our nation is finished. Politicians of both parties make me sick to my stomach. Make no mistake: A day of accounting is coming for America — count on it!

Mickey Montgomery