COVID-19 numbers force East Hall High to cancel in-person instruction beginning Monday
East Hall High School will operate remotely beginning Monday, Dec. 7, and continuing for at least three days. The Hall County School System made the announcement Friday afternoon following a significant amount of absences among staff and students resulting from COVID-19 positive cases.
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US should return to lifestyle, values that made it great
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Mid 1950s, I remember them well. We worked and played hard, and then sat down to dinner as a family. Every night at bedtime, we would have our family devotion with prayer.

It was a peaceful time. Crime was something that only happened in the big cities. The news media was not creating eccentric adjectives to try and hold people’s attention so they could sell their news. Political views were simple. You knew where you stood with your party, and for the most part, they seemed to support you and their values were just as strong.

I would like to know what happened and how all of us that call ourselves Americans became so complacent with the constant changes of events that we allowed our elected political leaders, along with the powerful business gurus, slip these changes in over the past 50 to 60 years? This is about the almighty dollar. It has created the corruption within our governments and businesses combined. It starts at the lower levels of government and business and flows all the way to the president and beyond.

It is time for all of us to take a step back and make note of our lives. Are we living the way God with His teachings from His great book taught us? He did tell us to keep the Sabbath holy and rest on the seventh day. We should have followed Truett Cathy’s lead. He created a successful business without having to open his doors on Sunday. Most of our European countries still close on Sunday.

I was fortunate to spend time in Germany where the City Centers would close at 2 p.m. Saturdays and not open again until Monday morning. Also, an elderly gentlemen approached me in the early 80s and started a conversation about keeping the Sabbath holy. He was very wise with the way he approached life and business. His statement was: “People will always shop when you are open if you have the product to bring them in.” His point being that you do not have to be open seven days a week to generate more business; you just have the right things that the consumer needs and would purchase even if you were only open one day a week.

There are several things that we have to do to be able to get America back and get control of our lives again: Follow the written teachings of our great God; take back our family time; put honest people (maybe laymen) into our government; be careful choosing your CEOs and other leaders to run your business; bring our business and manufacturing back to the states; bring back our quality and pride that once made us great.

We can accomplish all of these great things by coming together as one nation under God and not letting the outside influences of life sway our decisions. We must gather our children and grandchildren under our wings and teach them these great things that we were taught through our church and family.

Mack Eades

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