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Trumps wild card candidacy hurts the GOPs cause
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I imagine that many readers have played card games that have either a trump card or a wild card. Donald Trump’s presence in this political season is the wild card or the Trump card for 2016.

He is the wild card because his emotional attraction to the politically immature is preventing the Republican candidates from articulating their message. Their message of hope and a plan for the resurgence of the United States as a stabilizing force in the world, not only for good, but economically and militarily as well.

He is the trump card because his arrogant and repugnant message is alienating large percentages of the electorate. This alienation undermines the Republican platform. He also acts as a trump card because if he runs as a third-party candidate, he will split the vote and thereby trump any slate of Republican candidates and guarantee the election of yet another progressive liberal.

I was a tea party voter, but as they lend their support to “The Donald,” they have lost sight of the vision and focused on the fantasy.

Thomas Day

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