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Trumps insulting language to women degrading, demoralizing
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I choose to register an objection to the degrading and demoralizing of women Donald Trump voiced on national television during a Republican political debate. What is upsetting is Mr. Trump wants to be the custodian of the American people. Yes, he has the right of free speech but not the right of injury to the living being, as set forth in the First Amendment.

As a woman, I have the right not to have anyone, especially a potential custodial parent, degrade and demoralize my gender in this present generation, creating a culture of ignorance that will impact generations mentally and morally. Keeping silent is an endorsement of the concept of ignorance. Labeling a woman with negative comments in general, and women in particular, is out of step with reality. Women, in my mind’s eye, are the gift of life and man’s complement: wo-man.

The demands of free speech in a democratic society, as well as the interest in national security, are better served by being candid and informed, weighing of the competing interests within the confines of the judicial process. Madeline Albright reminds us that “Success without democracy is probable; democracy without women is impossible.”

Fifty-three percent of the voting bloc are women. Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and cousins all labor to get one elected via public office. Women are our nation bearers, nurturers of a fractured society and keepers of families.

This insult by Mr. Trump’s type of language should not be acceptable to anyone as voiced by so many. It lends itself to a culture of ignorance, to which I totally object.

the Rev. Evelyn Johnson
pastor, Bethel AME Church, Gainesville


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