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Tax assessments are inflated beyond the real market value
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I received notice of my property assessment for 2011 this week. I am appalled that our assessment is the same as it was for past years. It certainly does not reflect current market values by any stretch.

Each week, the paper has pages of foreclosures in legal ads appearing because many homeowners are unemployed and the cost of owning property is sometimes prohibitive.

Apparently the Board of Assessors has the aim of maintaining the tax digest at the highest possible level. Artificially high assessments are not permitted under the code of Georgia. Assessments are required by law to be based on the sale of like property and I would encourage all those whose assessment is above current market value to appeal the proposed evaluation.

Our bloated county government should not be permitted to continue uncontrolled spending by artificially assessing property owners' property. Control of spending is central. Over charging property tax based on false values is not proper.

Herbert D. Holman

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