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Red Rabbit buses provide a vital service for many in Hall
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I am a faithful rider of the Red Rabbit. I write you today to ask you not to cut the Red Rabbit service in Hall County. In the newspaper, the article read "For the few folks who ride the Red Rabbit ... would get a ride with family, friends, churches, other charities or taxi cab."

Far more than just a few people ride the Red Rabbit. I have been on the bus several times and had to stand up because there was not a seat available. You make it sound so easy to obtain a ride from someone. Taxi companies have outrageous prices which most people who are living on a fixed income cannot afford.

Getting a ride with a family member isn't easy either because they may not be able to take the time off work to accommodate you. If it was not for the Red Rabbit, I don't know what I would do.

I am visually impaired so I do not drive. Imagine having a vision problem and never being able to drive. You can never go anywhere on the spur of the moment. Having to call around to find a ride, waiting on them to show up, not having the independence to just get out there and go. That is how I used to feel before the Red Rabbit.

Both the Dial A Ride service and the Red Rabbit service are vital assets to our community. It is not the citizens' fault that the local government has gotten themselves into a hole. The Dial A Ride service comes directly to your door and takes you anywhere in Hall County. The fair is based on the mileage you travel. The Red Rabbit is a fixed route and is either $1 or 50 cents.

When I first started attending Lanier Technical College in the fall of 2009, I was using the Dial A Ride service. The cost was $4 for one way, so $8 a day. I would gladly take that over the $15 to $28 taxi cab one-way service.

When the Red Rabbit extended its route to include the colleges, I was very grateful. They have helped me in so many ways. When I first started riding, the manager of the Red Rabbit, Margie, came out on her own personal time to ride with me and show me the routes so I would be comfortable.

If the Red Rabbit were to be done away with, I would have no way of getting around in Hall County. It allows me to have the independence I desire. The Red Rabbit drivers are what make the service so great. They are more than happy to answer your questions and help you get to where you need to go.

Krystian Whitfield
Mount Airy

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