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Pro-life, pro-choice labels dont work with every situation
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The piece by Professor Douglas Young in Monday’s paper is typical of current political techniques to reduce a complicated issue to a two-word catch phrase: “pro choice” vs. “pro life.”

In themselves the phrases are meaningless. Dr. Young continues the lack of intelligent discourse by attaching “pro choice” to questions about guns, health insurance and public schools. The question of abortion (pro or con), like many questions related to human existence is made complicated by the many variables.

What would you do if your 18-year-old daughter came to you and said she was pregnant. What do you, as a parent, do? What if your daughter had full scholarship to UGA? Are you going to suggest she forego college and raise the child? Are you going to suggest she have the child, but put it up for adoption? Are you going to pressure she and her boyfriend to scrap college plans and become teenage parents? Are you going to pressure her to have an abortion, knowing that there will be emotional damage to everyone involved?

These questions have no easy answers. They cannot be solved by saying, “I’m pro life and abortion is wrong.”

Let’s try another real-life situation. Your daughter comes home on summer break from college and tells you she was at a fraternity house party and passed out, maybe drugged. When she awoke, she feared she had been raped. She did not report it to the authorities. What do you, as a father, do? How does “pro life” answer this question?

Or maybe you are a high school teacher and a 14-year-old female student tells you that she has been forced to have sexual intercourse with her stepfather and now she is pregnant. Does “pro life’ cover this situation? What do you recommend to this young girl whose life may be destroyed by an unwanted pregnancy?

I would like Prof. Young to show me how his Republican-legislated, one-size-fits-all, “pro-life” dogma will handle these complicated, tragic situations.

The Supreme Court decided 42 years ago, in Roe v. Wade, that a woman’s right to have an abortion is a question that should be left to the wisdom of the woman. Efforts by the Republicans and Prof. Young to chip away at this right is just wrong. In the meantime I will continue to support politicians and organizations that are pro-choice on the question of abortion.

Howard A. Stacy

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