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Patriotism should come before commercialism in holiday event
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I've just returned home from attending the Memorial Day parade, and I am distressed! It was not primarily a memorial and celebration of those who have worked in defense of our nation and communities. Those contingents were only dispersed among the advertising parade for local businesses.

There was contingent after contingent of car dealers, banks and businesses of all kinds advertising themselves by banner, flag, car signs, T-shirts and leaflets to the crowd. Many had merely a small flag to acknowledge the true occasion.

The little plane that flew around over the area to attract attention and bring people in was trailing a very large full-color banner. That banner was not honoring veterans but rather advertising a business. The message to and about our service members was attached like a kite tail and not easy to see: "Thank a vet!"

This is not the way a civilized and patriotic peoples honor those willing to die to protect our lives, our homes and our freedoms. Those who serve do not do so in the name of business interests, but rather in the name of their families, communities and the United States of America, land of the free and home of the brave.

Rosalie J. Miller

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