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Our Views: Stories on Nunn, GOP rally showed bias toward Democrats
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From reading recent issues of The Times, one would think there is a real bias in favor of Democrats running for office and that Sam Nunn was running for the U.S. Senate, not his daughter, Michelle. In the Sunday issue, an article was titled: “A father looms large in key Senate race.” The reader learns much more about retired Sen. Sam Nunn versus his daughter, Michelle. Are staff thinking if they push the story of Sen. Nunn enough they will change the minds of voters and persuade them to vote for Michelle?

If Michelle Nunn needs a father who looms large because she cannot stand on her own then, in the opinion of this reader, she has no business thinking she can serve as U.S. senator from Georgia.

Another article in the Sunday edition of The Times was titled: “State races come to Gainesville” with a headline reading “Deal, Perdue, Collins spur GOP supporters at rally.” The reporter captured the highlights of the messages given by Gov. Nathan Deal and by Republican U.S. Senate candidate David Perdue. The inaccuracy of the reporter was that several dozen residents, plus a few local politicians and state leaders had attended the event. As an attendee of the event, the several dozen number was inaccurate.

Would the host group have liked to have seen a larger audience? Probably so. And readers would like to see accuracy in reporting.

Patricia Falk

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