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Other expenses could be cut to balance budget
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Why is it every time the budget needs to be cut, we look to public safety, parks and usually education? Surely there are other areas where efficiency can be instilled?

Perhaps some recommendations? When the recession began, our family cut back cable, cellphone, yard service, lowered our thermostat in winter and raised it in summer. We reviewed all of our insurance policies and paid off credit. We stopped eating out as much and combined trips to save gas. We found many ways to cut our budget and we have survived.

Why can't the criminals get out and do the grass cutting and pickups along the roadside? Why can't they keep the parks clean and open for the public to enjoy? Cable should be cut back to bare minimum in jail; how about just the weather channel and Disney? That way they will always know how hot or cold it will be while they are outside cutting grass.

There are certainly a lot of elderly people suffering in the heat. Why not raise the temperature in the jails? Why can't they raise the temperature in all government offices, get rid of company cars, cut back on free lunches? Our servicemen and women are suffering hardships; shouldn't we all sacrifice something?

We need parks for our kids to enjoy. Where else are they going to hang out? Why not spend money in Hall County instead of going to another county for recreation? Our property taxes are already too high, given the value of our properties. Another increase to property tax is not the answer!

We need our public safety servants and they have already experienced enough cutbacks. Cutting safety services is not the answer.

Perhaps our commissioners should revisit the efficiencies in their own backyard and try a little harder. If you need some help, we are here for you! Especially when it comes time to vote!

Coleen McConnell

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