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Opinion: Hall right to maintain tax rate, provide funding for local education

The Hall County School system approved the 2021 school budget by a 4-1 vote. I support that vote. I support our schools and our teachers. I support holding the millage rate steady even if it raises some tax bills.  

Our school administrators, and our local school board members did not choose that budget. The state of Georgia pushed that budget to the Hall County system. It forced the budget decision by cutting $20 million dollars from Hall County schools.   

That was not the first cut forced on our children.   

According to the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute, Georgia and our local delegation cut school funding under an austerity program as far back as 2003. After 16 years and billions lost for education, GBPI says we were being to restore those funds. Georgia cut the income tax rate instead of fully funding schools.   

During the 16 years of austerity funding, Georgia and our local legislators found other uses for our school funds.   

In what might be the worst decision, your tax dollars have gone to Hollywood. The TV series, “The Walking Dead” glorifies an entertainment style known as ‘murder porn.’ Each week, viewers can watch human beings eaten alive or chopped into body parts.   

“Ozark,” which films in Hall County, features drug dealers murdering a variety of people while laundering money.   

Our school system, when faced with cuts, made the right choice to as fully fund the classroom as possible. That is the only choice that could provide our children and our grandchildren with an opportunity for an education.   

It’s only an opportunity. It’s an offering of minimal learning. Just enough. Just barely enough. It’s what we can offer now but it is not all that we want to give.   

Without the board’s courage and basic sense of right and wrong, our schools could not provide even that basic opportunity.  

I support the board’s decision on the millage rate. I support the administration efforts to manage funding and provide the basics to our children. We all should support our teachers, parents and children financially and morally in the hopes that someday we will have stronger and better communities.   

Mike Parker 

Flowery Branch

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