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Obama missed chance to heal after successful military mission
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From a newspaper reader's comment, "Obama's favorite words are I, me, my, mine."

Pondering that comment, I thought it really is true. A man who can't accept criticism but is quick to give it is obviously an egocentric person.

His personality and policies have pushed the rift that always exists in a multiparty society, from a split to what I deem to be downright hate.

Recently, our president went to his job and did it well. The perfection with which the operation to get Osama bin Laden was carried out created a situation where kudos were available for a generous distribution for all those concerned. Of course, the first ones belong to the U.S. military and those who prepared for and carried out the mission. Next, take your choice.

A chance existed, I believe, to help heal the rift in our country. Center stage belonged to the president. He took it, and ironically his favorite words were obvious and plentiful.

In the performance of his job, he used tools, systems and procedures that were in place. It would have meant a lot to the American people had he shared the spotlight by giving credit where credit is due in a manner of his choice. If his party leanings wouldn't let him do it, it should have been done on another basis.

The family of presidents and ex-presidents is an elite society. I would think that recognition of achievements of predecessors in that office that help you to do your job is fitting and proper. He is a profound donor of criticism and I feel that for national morale, if he has the right to criticize, he has the obligation to praise or acknowledge. That is good business and the American way and would aid in decreasing the size of the rift.

Let us all remember that a trip of a million miles begins with but a single step. If that step is in the wrong direction, the rest of the trip is incidental.

George Koesters

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