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Now is a time to pray for our nations welfare
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Politicians and pundits like to say that this is the new normal for America, that we now have to live in fear and be prepared for the worst. This is not the plight of the America God has blessed and kept safe and allowed to prevail over all evil since her founding.

George Washington, before he was president, was a general fighting for our independence. He had just come from appearing before the Continental Congress seeking funds to feed and arm his troops who were in terrible shape, tired and hungry. Upon his return and as he was walking among his troops many wounded, some dying, all freezing cold, he was overcome with emotion.

He mounted his horse, rode to a nearby field, dismounted and knelt in the snow. He thought he was alone, but the farmer who owned the land where Washington's men were encamped viewed the scene. He watched and observed this great man humble himself and plead with God for the safety of his men, for funds from the Continental Congress, and for wisdom to overcome the enemy all while on his knees in the snow. When the farmer returned home, he told his wife, "As long as this country is in the hands of a man like George Washington, we will prevail."

Now we are approaching a season of promise, a time of hope, a time of great joy. A time first celebrated by three wise men following the light of a star. Great men, wise men, kings all, who knelt in worship, on their knees on the hard and rough floor of a manger in awe that the promise of a baby could cause the heavens to realign their perfect balance and lead even kings to a stable to humble themselves in His presence.

Throughout the ages, it has been so. He is still the light of this world and as the date of His birth approaches, be reminded that He and only He is the answer to all that confounds men in the search for peace.

This season, the celebration of Christ's birth, is the perfect time to kneel and pray.

The floor of the House and the Senate of the United States of America is padded, not covered with snow. God has big ears; he can hear! God is waiting for America's prayers. He will, as he has always done, provide the leadership this country needs. Now, is a great time to remember our heritage and ask God to protect our future. God bless America.

William "Sonny" Sykes
Flowery Branch