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Media is right to focus more on facts than left or right leanings
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Rebuttal to Bruce Vandiver’s Aug. 21 letter: Vandiver seems to think that both liberal and conservative outlooks should be “balanced” in a news media outlet, such as The Times and WDUN. I was under the impression that journalism in the news media should be based upon facts, and not upon liberal or conservative leanings.

News media should present the facts, as best they can, and leave it up to the reader or listener to make decisions as to what stance to take on certain issues. Why should any news media promote something that they do not feel is right or proper? If a particular news media feels that capitalism is generally the proper direction for government to take, why should they promote socialism?

Newspapers and local talk shows are a business. Although they should strive to present an impartial view where possible, they won’t stay in business if their outlook is in opposition to the general outlook of the community they serve. North Georgia, and especially Hall County is basically conservative, and you can bet your bottom dollar that if either media came out with a strong liberal bias, they would shortly be talking to themselves!

Mr. Vandiver, like a third-grader who doesn’t have answers, resorts to name-calling and takes Charles Krauthammer, Jonah Goldberg and Ron Martz to task for being “partisan” because their beliefs do not jibe with his own. They make perfectly good sense to me.

He is more than a little delusional when he states that “it is dishonest to claim the media in general is liberal when the opposite is true.” Since he claims Fox is conservative, this would put the media in general with the same outlook as Fox. I wonder how many people would lump CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC and CNN in the same category as Fox?

Conservatives generally believe in balanced budgets, working for any rewards they receive, and living inside the law. Liberals seem to think that we can overspend indefinitely, giving benefits to people who don’t work for it, and bending the law as needed to suit their agenda. I believe I’ll stay on the conservative side!

Monte E. Seehorn

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