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Marriage is a sacrament that should be between man, woman
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It is difficult for me to understand Cokie Roberts' explanations and justifications for her opinions of homosexual acceptance.

Why does she seem to promote homosexuality? This question arose from their (she and Steve) article printed recently regarding the U.S. military policy on homosexuals, Don't Ask, Don't Tell , in which they professed to espouse solutions in favor of homosexuals but exposed their definite lack of knowledge concerning this issue.

Now this article on July 2 proclaiming acceptance of gay marriage in New York is equally baffling. While I share some of their reasons for limited gay rights, marriage was established in her church as a sacrament. So, how can she be so hypocritical to suggest it only applies to two people's selfish sexual preferences without reference to reproduction?

Who is charged with providing the children that gays profess to want to raise and promote the hemosexual program environment?

Are we expected to excuse their promoting extinction of people on planet earth? If this is not their program, what is their agenda?

Clarence Huhman

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