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Low power rates are taken for granted
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Re: Joan King's column, "Risk sharing is akin to a tax," in the Aug. 23 Times. This is an attempt to accommodate her two questions: Why aren't people paying more attention to her explanations of how Georgia power is taking advantage of us taxpayers and is she the only one who thinks this is wrong?

My first question to Joan is why she maintains her illogical vendetta against Georgia Power? Is she thinks stockholders are getting rich, why doesn't she buy the stock?

Has she compared the electricity rates in Georgia with other areas?

It remains unclear whether she is a Georgia Power customer, but if so, why doesn't she disconnect them and establish her own wind-driven or solar sources for her energy use? Or perhaps she could dam up a creek nearby and use hydropower. It would not take long for her to recognize the lack of fairness and dependability of her comparison and her arguments.

Instead of continuing to rail on this issue and expose her ignorance on the subjects involved, she should benefit by researching her project until she can support with facts and thereby gain interest from the knowledgeable reading public.

While she is unreasonably critical of the continued cost of expanding generating capacity, it would be interesting to observe her reaction to flipping switches sometime in the future and seeing no lights come on. This is because her electric utility power source has become inadequate and required planned facilities to satisfy the constantly increasing load demand.

Clarence Huhman