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Libraries could cut costs with a few changes
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In dire economic times like now, something has to give in order bring budgets more in line with reality. As regards to the proposed closing of four library locations out of six in total, I would like to make the following remarks and suggestions.

Why is it that the service of the library is not fee-based? The library could charge a nominal annual membership fee for an unlimited amount of items taken out; reading room facilities remain free of charge. Eliminate the Sunday opening hours (or any other day of the week) reducing operating and payroll expenses.

Increase the allowed borrowing period from two weeks to three or even four. At the same time, decrease the number of items allowed to be borrowed. I understand that at present there is no limit to the number of items. These changes would have a favorable impact on the amount of administrative work of the library staff.

I have been using the services of the library for the last five years. However, in spite of numerous resetting of my user name and password, I was never able to log in to my account to request extensions, etc.

Recently I was told that the Pines web site does not work well with Internet Explorer and that I should download theirs. Since the vast majority of internet users have Explorer, I would think that Pines would at least accommodate their clientele instead of vice versa and thus provide the public the opportunity to manage their account online.

I hope the above suggestions will be taken into account and hopefully will lead to a less serious effect on the Hall County library system and their employees.

Paul Van Witteveen

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