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Keep agricultural center open, close soccer fields instead
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Why is the Chicopee Agricultural Center going to be closed? Ninety-five percent of the shows bring in visitors to the county from out of the state and county and thus sales taxes. The Allen Creek Soccer complex only serves the local community and does not bring in revenue from outside of the county.

I am not sure if the number is accurate but I have been told that the Hall County Chamber of Commerce has said the Ag Center brings in $1.5 million a year to the county in taxes. I would think this would hurt the budget even more. The Allen Creek Soccer complex should be closed and not the Agricultural Center.

Also, SPLOST VI is collecting a 1 cent sales tax that $1 million dollars of that is assigned to the ag center. Can this money not be used to keep it open? SPLOST VI started in July 2009.

If the Chicopee Agricultural Center is closed what will be done with this $1 million dollars allocated to the center. The SPLOST VI is collected from 2009 to 2015 and there better not be any raises to the county administration or commissioners during this time because that will only prove the money was used to line your pockets.

Please reconsider closing the agricultural center for something else that does not bring in revenue to the county.

Curtis Black

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