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Judge Smith served states justice well
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On behalf of the State Bar of Georgia, I join in celebrating the forthcoming retirement of Georgia Court of Appeals Judge J.D. Smith of Hall County after his four decades of labor in the justice system.

Judge Smith has cultivated a wide reputation for his intellect, loyalty to friends and the business community and the appearance of fairness in the courtroom.

In addition to his service to the state on the Court of Appeals for the past 18 years, including a term as chief judge in 2003-2004, Judge Smith was a Superior Court judge in the Northeastern Judicial Circuit for nine years, practiced law in Gainesville for 12 years and began his career on the staff of Justice William B. Gunter of the Supreme Court of Georgia.

Judge J.D. Smith's long tenure in office reminds all Georgia lawyers and judges of our duty to help others, the importance of sustaining the substance as well as the appearance of equal justice under law and our high calling as stewards of the justice system.

We wish him and his family well when his retirement begins in January.

Kenneth L. Shigley
President, State Bar of Georgia

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