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Is county jail a Ritz Carlton? Only if you haven't seen inside
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Frank Norton, sir, do you really see the Hall County jail as a Ritz Carlton? The Hall County Sheriff's Office as a kingdom?

You need to go spend a couple of days and nights at the detention center. I have only been there as a visitor and believe me, it's no Ritz Carlton.

I have had some cases where I've had to have dealings with the sheriff's office. In 99.9 percent of those times, the deputies have been courteous and very professional.

I had a brief conversation with a deputy just last week. We were talking about the economy and new business coming into Hall County. He said, " I would sure like to see that happen, I haven't had a raise in over four years."

I have a son with the fire department. It's the same with them. Sir, these people save lives. No one likes getting a speeding ticket, or getting locked up. That's why it's convenient to complain about law enforcement and always criticize them. I did that type of work many years ago and decided it was not for me. But I always appreciate them.

There's no way I would see Steve Cronic and the sheriff's department as a "kingdom." I was told many years ago the reason they were named "police" was because they are the poorest people and the least thought of.

Mr. Norton, go ahead and make reservations at the Hall County Ritz Carlton. I'm sure they would love to have you.

Neil Boykin

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