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Higher taxes will allow us to fund needs for everyone
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I've noticed that, when times are good, lawmakers recommend a tax break. When times are bad, lawmakers recommened a tax break.

It's frustrating that the people who are elected never quit running for office. When do we address the need for infrastructure or new programs?

When libraries and parks are closed, who is most affected? Are the affluent who can afford to download books on their e-readers, and have the money for country club dues or vacation homes affected? I think not. Those affected are the poor, the very young and the very old.

My husband and I are retired. We recently purchased a home here in Northeast Georgia and moved from Florida. We want to pay higher taxes, not only so that essential services can be provided, but also so that schools will have enough money to educate children.

We have to live in the place the lawmakers are funding or defunding. We are willing to help pay for the better world that will surely result from everyone helping.

We want to pay higher taxes.

the Rev. Linda Standifer

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