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Heres a unique solution to reconcile abortion, capital punishment
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A society that will not use its moral and legal authority to cull evil from its population is doomed to anarchy. It is not enough to put evil beings behind bars for life where they feed the fools, who believe in their rhetoric, the hollow calories of hope and reform. I do not understand a society that feels no pangs of guilt with the deliberate slaughter of innocent unborn children but has an evolving standard of decency toward evil beings that torture and murder innocent people.

The philosopher Reni Descartes wrote, “I think, therefore I am.” Certain groups in America have expanded on that statement, “I think I am a (fill in the blank), therefore I am a (fill in the blank).”

I propose we expand this thinking to capital punishment. It is time to take full advantage of certain Supreme Court decisions that have affected the lives of millions of people. I think that upon conviction a murderer should be a fetus; therefore he or she is a fetus. Sounds a little extreme but it is well within the boundaries of current popular thought.

This fetus would be sent to a legally incorporated prison (corporations are living beings, according to the Supreme Court). This prison being would be a female with multiple wombs rather than cells. The Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade constitutionally guarantees a woman’s right to have an abortion with no appeals or court postponements for further review. In short the issue is settled. Therefore the fetus in the womb can be aborted with no appeals within nine months of conviction/conception.

Since it will be an abortion, not an execution, it can be reported by the media as a simple medical procedure. The fetal body can be picked up by Planned Parenthood to be butchered and the parts sold for research.

By following this simple remedy we can bring justice to an unjust system, save millions of taxpayer dollars and bring closure to the forgotten families of victims. Those of you that are pro-abortion but anti-death penalty, your moral dilemma is solved. Those of you that are anti-abortion but believe the death penalty is justice will understand the proper application of Roe v. Wade being applied to the guilty.

This should meet the standard of what the Connecticut Supreme Court recently said is “society’s evolving standards of decency” when it comminuted the death sentences of all those evil beings awaiting their just punishment.

Ronald Zaremba

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