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Hard to justify a vote for Obama based on policies
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I am in my 70s and have never been more concerned for this country than now.

The president is a very professional speaker and politician. He puts forth a very good image we like to see for our president. He is a very clean cut man with an attractive family.

However, there are too many things from his past that are questionable. The decisions he makes are of concern to many of us. The more I talk to people on both sides of the health care bill, the more I am convinced it is a bad bill.

Things are beginning to come out in this bill that were not mentioned before: Hidden taxes, hidden costs and the many doctors who will not participate in this type health care.

In Mr. Obama’s younger days, his associates were people with very radical ideas. Some are suggesting he is an undercover Muslim. This I find hard to believe. If that were the case he would not have allowed the attack on Osama bin Laden. Also, I don’t believe he would allow our troops to occupy the many Middle Eastern Islamic countries they are serving in now.

However, this administration seems content on getting more government control into our lives. The idea of printing more money (we don’t have) and carelessly spreading it around to large banks and corporations did not work before and it will not work now. That is basically what he proposed.

And my friends, we all know what will be said if his “economic plan” is not agreed on in Congress. The administration will surely say, “I had the plan to get the economy back on track but Congress would not approve it.” And so it goes.

I cannot understand the attempt to even shop more jobs overseas when we have so many millions out of work here. One of the administration’s diplomats have been negotiating with China to build large military transport aircraft in that country. And Gibson, the oldest music instrument maker and manufacture of guitars in this country, has encountered serious problems with imported wood. The administration has pushed for Gibson to allow India to do the precision work and ship back the finished product. That would cause Gibson to lay people off in Tennessee. How in the world can they say they are concerned about people being out of work and push for policies like that?

I am an independent voter. Have voted Democratic at times and Republican at times. In the last election when Mr. Obama was elected, I believe it proved most Americans do not consider race, sex, natural origin or religion when casting a ballot. (Notice I said “most” Americans). I did not vote against him because he is black. I voted for the candidate I thought was the most experienced and qualified in economics and world affairs.

May I ask all my friends and concerned citizens of all races: Did YOU vote for him because you thought he was the most experienced and qualified to do the job or did you vote for him because he is black?

Neil Boykin