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Hall school system should honor contributions of late Dr. Mundy
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I was disappointed in the lack of the Hall County School System’s display of respect for Dr. Gwen Mundy who died last week. I was especially disappointed with the generic quotes by Lee Lovett and Gordon Higgins who both knew and worked with Dr. Mundy. I also think that it was a great omission for Will Schofield not say a few words about her contributions to education in Hall County and Georgia. 

She was a driving force in the growth of academic excellence in Hall County. Just by reading her obituary, one can tell that she dedicated her life to the betterment of education in this county. When she was curriculum director of all schools, she did the job that it takes at least three people to do nowadays. 

This one-woman dynamo deserves to be honored and memorialized in a very significant way. I propose that the next new school or building be named for Dr. Gwendolyn B. Mundy.

Noreen Sherwood
Flowery Branch