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Hall commissioners inspire no confidence with austere cuts
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I am compelled to write to you in support of the three letters published Saturday. Brandi Barnes, Neil Boykin, and Jean Hudson all seem to have the same idea in mind.

To reiterate for those who were unfortunate not to read the editorials on Saturday, and perhaps for our county commissioners who may have been out of town, the theme of all three letters was in favor of the commissioners to revisit the budget and cut some "fat" within the budget while leaving essential services alone.

I wonder if there is some political motivation to keep certain services while cutting others. We Hall County taxpayers would like to feel confident in our commissioners, but I, for one, do not. I can't, in all confidence, say that these men speak for me. Politics seems so "dirty" now that I can't believe what I hear them say.

Hall County is a fabulous place to live. Parks, Lake Lanier, sports arenas, cultural events, libraries available to all citizens, police and fire protection, county services, health care — these are amenities that enhance life here.

Please listen to the people who live here and pay your salaries. Do the right thing.

Jerri Webb

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