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Freedom to be wrong is evident on Iraq withdrawal, oil in Libya
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Is this a great country or what? I've heard since 2002 how we are fighting for our freedom in the Middle East in regard to American troops being there. I thought we gained that freedom in 1776.

Our freedom apparently gives us the right to say and write anything we choose, whether there is any relevance to the truth or not. Such is the case of most politicians and your letter writers.

In your Oct. 28 edition, George Koesters questions the timing of troop withdrawal from Iraq. He states that it is political. Obviously he didn't know that President George W. Bush signed an agreement with the Iraq government to have our troops out by the end of 2011. He also questions the timing of "dumping more servicemen and women into our unemployment pool."

How about we bring them home and honor their service to our country by taking care of them? I would think their families will think the timing is perfect.

Then you have Sen. Lindsey Graham. Are these people clueless when they take office or do they become that way with experience?

He says with the fall of Libya that there is money to be made for the United States. He says they have oil. Does Graham not know that oil is not our friend? Our dependence on foreign oil always ends with the death of a lot of Americans. He says that we should help them rebuild their infrastructure. How about we spend that money on our infrastructure?

It seems the inmates are definitely running the asylum.

Johnny V. Crumley