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Forum focused on mans desires, not Gods word
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Regarding the community forum held Wednesday, a participating clergyman said the effort was about “How can we come together and listen to each other, recognizing that our denominations approach scripture differently — although all see it as God’s Word?”

I promised to write an additional word about this event, so here it is: First, the clergyman’s comment is not accurate. All denominations do not see the Scripture as God’s word. Consider this: “Truth cannot contradict itself.”

So how can one denomination say that God’s word prohibits intimate sexual activity between the same sex and another denomination say that God’s word does not prohibit same-gender sexual activity?

By the way, a leading and highly respected scholar of one of the denominational clergymen participating in the forum has said he cannot remain with this body because they are advocating scriptural interpretation that is not accurate to the text in meaning or context.

I was asked to attend and “join” the many clergy who are “coming along” with regards to the topics being discussed.

Here is my reply: Sir, I’m not interested in your format at the forum. I don’t think a conversation that discounts the authority of God’s word and promotes subjective personal desire over what the Scripture clearly teaches is healthy or Christ-honoring.

I urge caution in attending such functions where the subjective views of pseudo-intellectuals supplants the authority and sufficiency of God’s word. Again, no, it is not accurate to say, “All (denominations) see God’s word as God’s word.”

Dr. Tom Smiley
Senior Pastor, Lakewood Baptist Church, Gainesville

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