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Fathers, you are the point men
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Boy, the pressure is really starting to build up at warp speed. I feel as if I am standing on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and the market is crashing. I am the point man for my entire family and I am the one who is ultimately responsible for its well being.

Sometimes I wonder if I am going about this covert operation in the right manner or if I am I just stuck on the railroad tracks with good old No. 22 bearing down my sights. How did I ever get myself into this situation to begin with? Sometimes it's hard to stay focused on draining the swamp when you are up to your neck in alligators.

For most of us fathers, this is not a revelation; it is just day-to-day business as usual. I often wonder about my responsibilities but the most important obligation I have is to my family.

Let me define family. I know what you're thinking: Wife and kids. Family is more than just the woman I married and the children we produced. Yes, wife and kids are one part of the equation but what about the house, car, job, dog, insurance, food, medicine, day care, college, braces, sports? Well, you get the picture.

How am I supposed to keep everything in perfect balance and at the same time keep my sanity?

Every family is different. Families are like fingerprints; no two are the same. Every father makes choices that not only affect him but the entire family unit. If you think about it, responsibility goes hand-in- hand with accountability.

Yes, we are the captain of the team and the point man. Lets not foul out of the game! Happy Fathers Day.

George Bell
Flowery Branch

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