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Even with a no vote on sales tax, well have to pay
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Those that will profit off of the transportation SPLOST want to educate the public on why you should vote "yes." But what about the little guy paying all the costs?

No feasibility studies where done to prove if the road improvements selected were really needed. Georgia has plenty of roads that were built all over the state that were not needed. Roads do not always go where they will serve the most need. And so it will be with T-SPLOST.

Please consider that the projects selected were from politicians' wish lists. We have had plenty of politicians become wealthy off new road projects being directed to their land holdings.

All costs for projects are not covered by the T-SPLOST tax and will be passed on in your property tax bill and in your utilities bill. Utilities don't move for free. Funny how the pro T-SPLOST folks fail to mention this.

Remember, many counties are suffering now because they can not pay the upkeep for SPLOST projects. Hall County is closing parks and libraries and laying off workers, with no funds to run what we have. You can bet our property taxes will go up soon.

But the very worst thing about T-SPLOST is that is penalizes a citizen for simply voting "no." The Georgia legislature sent us a bill that will fine you for voting "no." Do we want this in all legislation to come?

We need to send a message to our elected officials that they can not get away with this. To me, voting "no" sends a message that we will not tolerate being fined for simply voting "no" to taxing us more. "It's just a penny" SPLOST has made many insiders rich but has costs the little guy plenty.

Lynn Everitt

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