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Deer are cute, but too many of them can cause problems
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I believe that Debbie Taylor would likely change her thoughts on deer in her neighborhood (and mine; I saw nine deer on or by the roads in three days a while ago) should she or one of her family or friends run into a deer on the road.

Deer are cute until they start causing damage.

And deer are cute until they over breed their range, which they seem to be on the verge of, and start getting sickly and dying.

Since they have few, if any, natural predators that are going to take care of thinning the herds inside city limits, man has to.

That said, I am not a fan of trophy hunting. If you’re going to kill a deer, it should be to thin the herd or for Bambi-burgers, not for a head to hang on your wall.

Michael A. Weber