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Cut the biggest spenders; dont ask more from property taxes
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It is my hope that the property tax-paying citizens of Hall County will look very closely at what the commissioners are trying to do.

Despite the fact that property evaluations in Hall County have dropped 6 percent ($6.9 billion in 2010 to $6.5 billion in 2011), they are proposing to raise property tax levies by $6 million ($43 million in 2010 to $49 million in 2011).

Common sense dictates that, when times are tough, you should really squeeze your biggest spenders (Sheriff's Office., $30 million; judicial elected officials, $11 million; emergency services, $7 million) to reduce their spending at least by the average reduction needed. This is just the opposite of what the commissioners propose to do.

Property tax-paying citizens should tell their commissioners that this is the time for them to really manage county spending instead of asking the property owners to bail them out.

Jim Waldrep

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