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County vehicle used for personal trip is a waste of tax money
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I just returned from a trip to the supermarket. As I was leaving the store I happened to look over as a husband and wife were loading their groceries into their vehicle — their county government vehicle!

I remember vividly in June when county employees were so vocal against those of us who did not want property taxes raised to cover a deficit created by an overspending county government. We were accused of not wanting to pay our "fair share" so that they could keep their jobs.

That wasn't the issue at all. We didn't want to pay more in taxes while the money we already paid was being spent recklessly. This incident illustrates that stance perfectly.

I think I can probably speak for a lot of taxpayers when I say that I am not paying taxes so county employees can spend that money on shopping trips with their spouses. While this particular incident may not have cost a ton of money, it is an example of the waste, fraud and abuse that goes on in government.

As a state employee who drives a government vehicle, I would lose my job if it was discovered that I was doing this. That is because residents of this state demand accountability of the money they pay in taxes. Residents of Hall County should do the same.

Jeremy Griffey