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County should find different items to cut from budget
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As a voting citizen of Hall County since I was 18, I am deeply concerned by the proposed budget cuts in the county. Cutting two ambulances, laying off 77 employees and cutting another 25 positions is totally out of line and absurd. The county is so large that we need the ambulance and firefighter coverage badly. Cut something that is not so crucial.

Closing four library branches and nearly all the parks is a bad move, also. Libraries should be open for use by students and the community.

To raise property taxes again is ridiculous! How much can homeowners take? Raise sales taxes so that everyone pays their fair share.

Another suggestion is to demand that Hall commissioners become more efficient, and the whole county administration become more efficient and cost-effective. Try cutting the salaries of the commissioners and some other people in county administration. That would save a lot of money.

Close the Chicopee Golf Course, which was totally unnecessary when it was built. Stop progress on the huge complex being built on Nopone Road.

Finally, we Hall County residents cannot afford all services for Hispanic and other indigent people who are not citizens. We who have worked hard all of our lives cannot be expected to give most of what we have earned to support unnecessary projects. Find another way!

Jean Hudson

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