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Commissioners should have cut back on projects earlier
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I'm wondering why it's taken our commissioners four years to realize the economy is bad. Why did they not start cutting back years ago? That's what I've had to do.

They started building a library and now ballfields when we're in a recession. Why build a library if you got to close it before it opens? Why build a ballfield that's going to be closed down? It seems to me if they hadn't started these projects there may have been funds left to keep the others open.

I knew when I got my tax bill this year our taxes were going up. I also wonder if all the illegal immigrants move away, as our state legislature want, what's going to happen to all the empty houses and the empty schools? The landlords in the area will not be able to rent these houses. I guess the banks can foreclose on them; they need more houses, you know.

We all need to really start considering putting our money into credit unions. We need to take our money out of the big banks especially. Oh, I forgot, I don't have any money. I think our county commissioners have forgot that, too. Sometimes I really wish I didn't wonder; it really depresses me.

Tim Thrasher

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