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Commissioners actions made Hall County weak
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One Hall County commissioner has indicated to me that he plans to "modify the tax bill to allow for people to donate to the programs that were cut." Here is my reaction to that commissioner's statement:

I donate to church, the Northeast Georgia Medical Center Foundation, Meals on Wheels, the American Cancer Society and the GOP ($500 to John McCain). I don't make donations for governmental functions. I make tax payments for governmental functions.

Please note that the GOP may soon get dropped from my donation list due to the hysterical actions of the Hall County commissioners Thursday night.

As a conservative Christian and second-generation American, I support wholeheartedly this thing in America called "civil government" wherein people of different races, religions, and nationalities work together for the common good of all people on the basis of shared human values of universal validity. It is ironic that the county commissioners acted so irresponsibly so close to the Fourth of July.

The fabric of Hall County is weaker, much weaker because of what the county commissioners did last week.

Fred H. Dissen
Flowery Branch

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