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Columnists take on liberal media is right-wing slop
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I have a few thoughts regarding Ron Martz’s recent column: “Essay: Does traditional media lean left?” This is nothing but a Xerox copy of the classic neocon talking points memo, “The Liberal Media.” Yes, it’s another fresh dose of typical conservative pig slop from the Times’ new community columnist.

Of course, the allegation Martz makes is only true when one cherry picks specific examples (as Martz did picking two stories from The New York Times) and also completely ignores Fox News Channel on TV and other significant conservative outlets for print and broadcast media. When Martz does this, he is manipulating the public in regards to what should be regarded as neutral reporting.

Yes, the NYT is a liberal paper. And yes, Fox News is conservative. But it is dishonest to claim the media in general is liberal when the opposite is true. Martz claims that a newspaper where he worked 26 years routinely mocked and vilified President George W. Bush. That alone is not proof of liberal bias. The worst examples of political leadership (on the left and right) can and should be vilified when their policies damage this country.

Does Martz not notice how his allegation fails right here in this newspaper that prints his column? Can he prove The Times is liberal? I can easily prove that it isn’t. All I have to do is point to Martz’s selection and the termination of Joan King’s column.

Even our local radio station (WDUN 550-AM) has a distinct conservative bent, running conservative radio personalities. They do this and pretend it is fair and balanced when there is no real balance at all, and certainly no fairness. Apparently now The Times has chosen to do the same thing.

Why did you get rid of King yet add another right-wing nut job? Don’t we have enough of that already? Where is the balance? Why do you guys consistently print partisan political screeds and smears from Charles Krauthammer, Jonah Goldberg and this miserable propagandist Martz without equitable coverage of issues from progressive perspectives?

I’m talking to Keith Albertson and the rest of The Times’ editorial board: As journalists, you have failed your duty to this community, having traded it for an easy dollar.

Bruce Vandiver

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