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Columnists attack against Trump was out of line, offensive
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We don’t appreciate columnists calling Donald Trump a “dork and a buffoon.” He has brought to light issues that need to be addressed. His comments were not outrageous; he was merely telling the truth and no one can disagree with that.

We live in a very conservative area and many other subscribers of The Times were offended by Ann McFeatters’ article. This woman should be half as intelligent as Mr. Trump. He is well within his right to retaliate to all the name-calling from John McCain and Lindsey Graham. This lady is as biased as the rest of the liberal news media. We found her article to be offensive.

We cannot have biased columnists like her continue to destroy great Americans. There are always two opinions; however, these are the most egregious name-calling by a columnist that we have ever read.

Paul Long