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Celebrations of historic birthdays dont match up
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This month we observe the birthday of two famous American men. Since it is no longer politically correct to study truth in history, it is only fair and honest for someone to make a comparison of the two individuals in question. I will make a description and you decide the identity of these two men.

Famous American No. 1 has a national holiday named for him. He is famous for disobedience, disorder and civil unrest. This individual has a record of plagiarizing his doctoral thesis. His credentials for earning his advanced degree were called into question. He was a known womanizer. This information was confirmed by one of his own buddies, the Rev. Ralph David Abernathy, in the book "And the Walls Came Tumbling Down."

This man was a socialist by his own admission. At least three of his high-ranking advisers were Communists (Bayard Rustin, Stanley David Levison and Hunter Pitts O'Dell). Prior to his death he was dabbling in the anti-war movement along with the likes of Jane Fonda.

For those of you who at this point know whom I am talking about and are screaming outrageous about these comments, let me ask you a question: Why did a federal judge seal this man's FBI record for 50 years? Fifteen file cabinets of documents out of public view for 50 years. I doubt the information contained in these files will ever see the light of day. Were his records sealed because of his sterling character? I don't think so.

Let's look at famous American No. 2. This individual is hardly recognized, seldom studied in government schools, yet he completed his studies at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point without so much as one demerit. He is the only cadet to have accomplished this remarkable feat. Surprisingly, to the good credit of the Academy they still tout this American as one of their finest.

This individual has no record of an attack on his character and integrity by either friend or foe. Today military experts still study his leadership of troops in the armies of two nations. This man was an unsurpassed military officer, exception educator and a gentleman of the highest degree. He has been praised and honored by such notables as President Dwight Eisenhower and Sir Winston Churchill.

It is sad that history has pushed American No. 1 to the forefront and American No. 2 is mostly forgotten. I long for the day, if it ever happens, when we can once again have truth in history.

Fred Chitwood
Flowery Branch

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