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Block schedule is preferable to countys new 7-period plan
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I attended Flowery Branch High School. I am writing to you to cover the change to the seven-period schedule from the block schedule.

There is more time in class overall, but less time in class every day. This makes it harder to teach a topic because there is less time to cover it every day. Time must be taken out to review the topic.

Therefore, there is more homework assigned. This is because the teacher cannot teach as much as he or she wanted to that day, so he or she assigns more homework to compensate.

With the block schedule, you could take two dependent classes the same year, like taking two Spanish classes. This is impossible with the new schedule. For example, instead of being able to take eight dependent classes in one career pathway in one's high school career, you can now only take four. This is a serious restraint.

James Boddie

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