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Americans have turned away from their moral foundation
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I am deeply concerned about the direction our nation is going and the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in. As a Christian, I feel that most of the woes we face are due to the fact that we as Americans have abandoned the faith of our forefathers in a belief in divine providence.

We’ve sold our birthright. Values and virtues that we once held sacred — honesty, integrity, love of our God and country, a deep sense of morality — these no longer seem acceptable to us as a people. We have taken the name of Jesus, prayer, Bible and even the teachings of God out of our schools and public places.

We have chosen to turn the hearts and minds of our children over to the evil influence of the “kooks” and “weirdos” in Hollywood as the “preferred” role models. Instead of hearing the Scriptures, we allow our young to be exposed to the filth and garbage on prime-time TV.

Every year we, as a nation, murder millions of lives in legalized abortion clinics. Our “pantywaist” judges foolishly turn loose rapists and child molesters to continue to prey on our women and children, all in the name of “political correctness,” a concept that I profoundly abhor.

I must therefore concur with the Rev. Billy Graham when he said, “If almighty God does not judge America for her wickedness, he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.”

I urge all who are concerned Americans, as I am, pray for our nation and change directions while we still have time.

Mickey Montgomery


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