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American voters are tired of same political hacks
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The Times’ issue Thursday included an article from Clarence Lusane, chairman of the Political Science Department of Howard University. The article was written for the Progressive, a monthly ultra-liberal magazine based in Madison, Wis.

Under the guise of explaining why Dr. Ben Carson is surging in the polls, he proceeds to do a hatchet job on both Donald Trump and Dr. Carson, concluding that they, like Herman Cain, are not qualified to be president because they have “never held public office.”

Hello, Mr. Lusane: Don’t you get it that the American people are tired of politicians whose loyalties lie more with their political parties than to the people they are supposed to represent?

They are hungry for leaders who will tell them the truth and who can be depended on to do what’s best for the country. They are tired of (and should be worried about) legislators who pass bills without knowing what’s in them and who appear to be more concerned with the mechanics of maneuvering the vote than they are with doing the right thing.

Jim Waldrep