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America has lost its way while losing its faith, values
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When you're retired and have a lot of time to kill, you've got plenty of time to observe and see what a mess we're in here in America.

Once Americans believed in a lot of values and common sense logic. If you wanted to be successful and happy you applied yourself and worked hard. There was respect for our family and friends. One could advance as far as their desire could take them.

People attended church on Sunday and prayer and the Bible were acceptable at public functions. The national anthem and the pledge of allegiance were expressed proudly and we were not ashamed to be Americans. At the start of World War II, America defeated the war mongers because we were an industrial power. We were a proud people. We knew that right and our creator was on our side.

Today we are, sadly, only a mere shadow of what we once were.

Unreasonable restrictions and corrupt labor unions have driven our largest and best corporations and businesses have moved to other countries. God and prayer have been banned from our schools and most public functions. Laws to protect our homes, family and, yes, even the security of our nation are not strictly enforced due to an anemic legal system and an even weaker administration in Washington.

A complete "housecleaning" is needed! If we delay, America is lost.

I pray that we will throw there "vermin" out in 2012, starting with the White House and Congress.

Perhaps I've outlived my time, but if we fail to honor our creator and our nation and amend our direction, we deserve Obama and his evil misguided minions.

Mickey Montgomery

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