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A small tax increase would hurt few but benefit us all
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I have listened and read a lot of opinions on the Hall County budget. But I see that people only want to cut things not important to them. If they don't have a child playing, ball, cut parks and recreation. If you don't use the public libraries, cut that.

But why not look at all and take a little from all? I also own two properties in Hall County and don't mind a small increase in my property taxes if it keeps my county running to capacity and it keeps others employed.

If we start cutting and closing, we are all going to lose. A increase of $15 or so a month increase on my property tax is not going to keep me out of foreclosure. So stop using that excuse.

Look to surrounding counties such as Jackson County; our property taxes are nowhere close to the amount they collect. Look at the big picture. Stop making everything so personal.

Tina McCollum

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