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Letter: Words aren’t racist on their own, but in this case? Yes
01072018 TRUMP
President Donald Trump - photo by Associated Press

“Go back where you come from.” Is this a racist remark? Not necessarily. 

I’m a white native-born American citizen, and I’ve been told to go back where I came from. 

The problem is, where is this “back” that I’m supposed to go back to? I was born and raised in New Jersey, which technically makes me a Yankee. I raised my three children in Atlanta which, I suppose, makes me some sort of suburban yuppie. 

In either case, the remark is not racist — ignorant, rude, uneducated? Perhaps, but not racist. However, when it’s said to four individuals who are women of color: Yes! It is racist — and boorish and misogynic. 

Joan O. King


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