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Letter: We must speak against white supremacy
A counter-protester confronts members of the Proud Boys and other right-wing demonstrators during an "End Domestic Terrorism" rally in Portland, Ore., on Saturday, Aug. 17, 2019. Counter-protesters are planning to gather in Dahlonega Sept. 14 as a group with reported ties to white nationalism rallies. - photo by Associated Press

I read your editorial board’s opinion regarding the upcoming Dahlonega rally and protest with great interest and was ultimately shocked at the lack of correct information you had and your choice to characterize protesters as equally intolerable as those rallying. 

You paint Doles as being “formerly” associated with the klan while ignoring his ongoing aggressively white supremacist beliefs. You also seem to ignore the rally organizers bringing in nationally recognized white supremacist speakers. 

It isn’t a perception that this is a white supremacist rally, it is absolute reality that this is being used as a platform for those beliefs.

I am not a part of this politically silencing far left you have named in your piece, but I am a person of good conscience and a person of strong faith, and I will be present as a peaceful, nonviolent protester — not because I feel disgusting and harmful beliefs such as Doles’ but because our neighbors of color, those of non-Christian theologies, those who are LGBTQ+ and others who have been targeted by him in the past and are being targeted by the current hate-speech the rally is promoting deserve to know there are people in their community who love them enough to show up for them even when it is scary. 

I will be there because I want people from around our town and far beyond to know that Dahlonega is more than a racist, bigoted Southern town, and its history does not need to define its future.

The Rev. Charlotte Arsenault


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