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Letter: We all have a responsibility to make homes, schools, communities safe
Student survivors from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School bow their heads as the names of the victims are read, at a rally for gun control reform on the steps of the state capitol, in Tallahassee, Fla., Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Since the homes that include children are the most important institution in any civilization, we should place more emphasis on what is taking place within them. 

Are we teaching our children, showing them how much interest we have in demonstrating to them things that are most important to themselves, the community and their future children? And most important is what God wants all of us to follow.

Are we making our homes and our communities safer by seeing that weapons we have are safely secured in our homes? Shouldn’t we pay more attention what our children have in their bookbags or other things they carry to school?

Parents need to inquire and learn more about mental health and behavior displayed by their children and others in their communities. 

For 25 years, I operated and ran a home for young adults, older adults, emotionally disturbed teenagers and people with more serious issues within and out of reality. It has given me more insight about what to watch for and look for in the behavior of people. 

I have experienced parents who, for whatever reason, tend to overlook or make excuses for why their children’s behavior seems out of the normal state of mind. Do they feel like it is a reflection on their responsibility? Does this type of thinking pose a danger to themselves and other people? 

It appears the NRA is most concerned about selling weapons than finding the place where these weapons would be more effective and useful, such as with our armed forces on the battlefields than for hunting. 

If the people in our country, homes and our communities place more concern for ourselves, children and our schools, they should let our institutions function as they were established to do. We should let the people who represent us in government know they can’t be bought by money and influence, and they should do the things they were elected to do.

Demonstrations are held to show the right or the wrong of an issue that is causing problems.

Mordecai Wilson

Lula City Councilman 

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